Discover Iceland Travel

Discover Iceland Travel
Discover Iceland Travel

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Scale soaring mountaintops. Dive into some of the clearest water in the world. Explore crystalline ice caves and mineral-rich lava tubes. Hike the rim of a remote volcano that rises from an arctic desert. Witness a rainbow materialize over a thundering waterfall.

Iceland is a place not just to see, but to experience. Iceland is revered for its breath taking landscapes, unrivaled trekking, and arctic wildlife. Three national parks and a dozen smaller reserves protect these resources.

Vatnajökull National Park makes up 13 percent of the country and contains the largest glacier in the world outside the poles.

Geothermal pools, like the famous milky waters of the Blue Lagoon, bubble up from beneath the earth and provide a place to soak away your worries. If city life is more your speed, Reykjavík is waiting for you.

Stroll the capital’s streets and explore the galleries, coffeehouses, intimate concert venues, and music shops—you can’t help but feel the city’s creative energy.

Handcrafted local beers replace specialty coffees as the drink of choice come evening time, when low-key daytime hangouts morph into pulsing parties that fuel a thriving nightlife scene. In summer, the days seem endless—the sun shines for nearly 24 hours around the solstice. And winter tourism is increasing, with visitors lured by the chance to hunt the northern lights, yet another of Iceland’s spectacular natural wonders. Watching the lights flicker in the sky, changing colors, disappearing and popping up again stronger and brighter, makes braving the wind and rain worth it.

For scenery and adventure, Iceland is unmatched.

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