Need Trip visit Monterey & Carmel

need trip visit Monterey & Carmel. Here, you can experience the best the Golden State has to offer—without the big-city crowds and complications.

The best days in Monterey are spent in the water. Dive into a kelp forest. Explore the scenic coastline on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Scout for migrating whales passing near the shores.

The idyllic village of Need Trip visit Monterey & Carmel possesses seaside charm. From white-sand beaches to luxurious hotels, it promises a refined, high-class vacation bursting with art galleries and tasting rooms. Nearby Pebble Beach offers world-class golfing and stunning scenery.

Not far away, excursions range from quirky beach town Santa Cruz to opulent Hearst Castle. Big Sur is the region’s most dramatic stretch of coastline, and the perfect geography for an unforgettable road trip.

Monterey Bay is not just a collision of land and sea, but also a juxtaposition of jarring colors and symbiotic ecosystems. From world-class wines and fine foods to a wonderland of marine life, Monterey encapsulates the California dream.

Need Trip visit Monterey & Carmel
monarch butterflies in the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
Need Trip visit Monterey & Carmel
a humpback whale in Monterey Bay

The Monterey region’s best feature is its all-season appeal. In summer, expect significant crowds at popular attractions, wineries, beaches, and campgrounds. In fall, the area is a bit less crowded, but the weather is still warm. It’s also when some of the best surfing waves occur along the coast. Winter is the rainy season, although the days between storms are often clear with mild temperatures. The crowds are lightest at this time, except on holiday weekends. During spring, the land is green and colored with wildflowers. The winds can really kick up in the afternoon along the coast.

Summer fog is likely along the coast. Bring layered clothing. Also bring sunscreen; that coastal fog doesn’t stop UV rays.

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